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To work in a team environment where I can utilize and further my skills in modeling, texturing, animating, lighting, rendering, compositing and motion graphics in the fields of broadcast, game cinematics and film.


Buck Design LA - Contractopia, CN Mini-Match, NDA Spot
Los Angeles, CA April - October 2007
3D Lead, Rigging TD, Shot TD, Pipeline Specialist
• Develop & revise previs based on client feedback, assemble shots for animators
• Clean, unwrap & rig characters, manage rigging pipeline, model & assemble assets
• Set up lighting & render layers for shots and manage renderfarm & local renders

The Famous Group - Yaris Vs. Xbox
Culver City, CA May - June 2007
Lead Animator, Render-Compositor
• Animated the majority of the characters & objects from previs to completion
• Quickly responded to client changes and assisted in rendering and compositing

Studio Ember - Microsoft Silverlight NAB Premiere
Venice, CA March - April 2007
3D Generalist, Surfacing-Rendering TD
• Worked with Styleframes to create look of 3D elements and helped revise previs
• Handled the rendering & base compositing for the most 3D-intensive shots in the spot

The Famous Group - Superbowl, Gametrailers.com Marketing
Culver City, CA February - March 2007
3D/Motion Designer, Render Wrangler
• Designed 3D animation showing graphical data (animating, rendering, compositing)
• Quickly handled animation, compositing and design revisions requested by client
• Initiated, managed and completed Maya, Mental Ray and After Effects rendering

Lambo - Nevada Resort Association "Vegas"
Venice, CA November - December 2006
3D Generalist, Motion Graphics Designer
• Handled all 3D (modeling, animating and rendering) in a thirty second 2D/3D spot
• Collaborated in selecting, modifying, masking and animating photographs
• Created previsualization of spot in Maya to develop style and camerawork

Buck Design LA - Cingular Push-To-Talk Family & Business
Los Angeles, CA September 2006
Maya Generalist
• Modeled, unwrapped and textured environments, props and characters
• Rigged bipeds with The Setup Machine, defined exclusion sets and painted weights

Shadedbox Animation - SOCOM Fire Team Bravo 2 Cinematics
Pasadena, CA June - August 2006
Modeler-Texturer, Animator
• Collaborated with client producer to block out shots and camera animation
• Referenced characters into environments, imported and cleaned Motion Capture
• Modeled, unwrapped and surfaced environments from concept art and animatics

Animation, gaming, photography, film, computer hardware, traveling.

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